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Sherco X Ride 290

September 10, 2014 // 15,992 Comments

After uncrating and assembling the Sherco X Ride 290, I took a step back and gave it hard look. It really is a curious looking machine. The X-Ride isn’t a trials bike, and certainly not an enduro bike. Heck, it’s not really a trail bike. There really isn’t much to compare it to; it has trials tires front and rear, a bigger tank and larger seat, higher ground clearance and lights. The blinkers are stripped off the machine prior to shipping but it still comes with a head and [Read More...]

Sherco Comes Out Swinging With Their Impressive 300 SE-R 2-Stroke

September 10, 2014 // 14,991 Comments

Doesn’t it seem like there is no longer a grace period for new entrants in the off-road motorcycle market? Right now the norm is for a new entrant to be immediately effective when the rubber meets the dirt. Sherco achieved that last year with their new 300i 4-stroke as did Beta with their 2013 2-stroke. Last year’s 4-stoke 300i impressed us in a lot of ways; it was light and agile – on par with or lighter than many 2-stokes. We even hailed the Sherco 300i as the Most Impressive Bike of [Read More...]