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Enduro Engineering Evolution Debris Deflectors

March 1, 2018 // 0 Comments

  The Enduro Engineering Evolution Debris Deflectors are a set of wraparound handguards that take Enduro Engineering’s typical high level of protection and applies it to both your hand and your handlebar controls. The proven and robust design uses a solid 6061 T6 aluminum alloy bar, billet adapter mounts, and zinc plated hardware at both the bar end and deflector. With this design, the handguards get extremely solid mounting points, an easy installation, and plenty of room inside the [Read More...]


February 1, 2018 // 0 Comments

        GOLD VALVE CARTRIDGE EMULATORS Damping Rod style forks are notorious for being both too harsh, too mushy and too easy to bottom. Gold Valve Cartridge Emulators remedy this problem by controling the damping with a tunable valve that sits on top of the damping rod and is held in place by the main spring. Simply put; Emulators make damping rod forks perform like well-tuned cartridge forks. Installation and tuning for any condition or rider preference is very [Read More...]
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