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Vee Rubber VRM 300 Tackee GNCC

August 12, 2014 // 55,367 Comments

We are always on the hunt for an alternative to the Bridgestone M59/Pirelli MT 16 combination that work so well here in New England.  The rest of the country has a wide variety of tires and combinations to choose from but in New England, not so much.  Brian DeVries of LDA racing sells the Vee Rubber tire and offered up a pair of the VRM 300 Tackee GNCC for testing, feeling that the Tackee was a viable  alternative for handling the rocks and roots of the region. The Tackee line is a dual [Read More...]

Flexx Bars

August 1, 2014 // 46,492 Comments

My first impression of the Flexx Bars was a variation of “why the heck did I wait so long?”  I admit that at first, I thought I wouldn’t like them.  I am fussy about my bend and was of the opinion that bars should not move.  Ever.  I was wrong.  Then again, any movement I feel is quite subtle and depends which on which combination of compression/rebound elastomers you use. I first mounted these after I hurt my wrist at the Cheese Grater enduro.  I started out with the [Read More...]

EKS Goggles

August 1, 2014 // 74,689 Comments

We picked up another set of EKS brand goggles because we liked the first one so much.  We got them from Wurlitzer Racing products ( and also bought the Zip-Off system because I’m not a fan of the tear-offs.  If you already have a set of the goggles, the Zip-Off package is an affordable way to avoid using tear offs.  I got the Zip-Off system that comes mounted to a lens – i.e without the goggle frame. The package retails for 34.99 and includes two [Read More...]

EVS Revolution Roost Deflector

August 1, 2014 // 0 Comments

EVS Revolution Roost Deflector – Front When I first pulled the new EVS Revolution 5 Under Jersey Roost Deflector from the box,  I gave a little sigh of disappointment.  What wasn’t obvious when perusing the pictures on the web site is that there are no arm straps for keeping the shoulder/arm pads in place, and when I pull my shirt over it, the shoulder/arm pads get pulled behind my jersey.  Fishing them out from the back of the jersey is a pain, but once the shirt is on, the [Read More...]

Riding Tips: Dealing With Heat

July 1, 2014 // 63,339 Comments

I am 4 miles into the third section of the Rhody Rovers Enduro and getting my can kicked by my long time nemeses: heat and humidity. This section isn’t particularly difficult or slow going, but it is long and the humidity is so thick that it feels like I am wrapped in a hot, wet blanket. Even as the air moves through my vented clothing, the humidity is so high that I hardly feel a cooling effect. The heavy-flow maxi pad I have strategically stuck inside my helmet to absorb sweat is [Read More...]
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