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Flexx Bars

August 1, 2014 // 46,492 Comments

My first impression of the Flexx Bars was a variation of “why the heck did I wait so long?”  I admit that at first, I thought I wouldn’t like them.  I am fussy about my bend and was of the opinion that bars should not move.  Ever.  I was wrong.  Then again, any movement I feel is quite subtle and depends which on which combination of compression/rebound elastomers you use. I first mounted these after I hurt my wrist at the Cheese Grater enduro.  I started out with the [Read More...]

EKS Goggles

August 1, 2014 // 74,689 Comments

We picked up another set of EKS brand goggles because we liked the first one so much.  We got them from Wurlitzer Racing products ( and also bought the Zip-Off system because I’m not a fan of the tear-offs.  If you already have a set of the goggles, the Zip-Off package is an affordable way to avoid using tear offs.  I got the Zip-Off system that comes mounted to a lens – i.e without the goggle frame. The package retails for 34.99 and includes two [Read More...]

EVS Revolution Roost Deflector

August 1, 2014 // 0 Comments

EVS Revolution Roost Deflector – Front When I first pulled the new EVS Revolution 5 Under Jersey Roost Deflector from the box,  I gave a little sigh of disappointment.  What wasn’t obvious when perusing the pictures on the web site is that there are no arm straps for keeping the shoulder/arm pads in place, and when I pull my shirt over it, the shoulder/arm pads get pulled behind my jersey.  Fishing them out from the back of the jersey is a pain, but once the shirt is on, the [Read More...]

Riding Tips: Dealing With Heat

July 1, 2014 // 63,339 Comments

I am 4 miles into the third section of the Rhody Rovers Enduro and getting my can kicked by my long time nemeses: heat and humidity. This section isn’t particularly difficult or slow going, but it is long and the humidity is so thick that it feels like I am wrapped in a hot, wet blanket. Even as the air moves through my vented clothing, the humidity is so high that I hardly feel a cooling effect. The heavy-flow maxi pad I have strategically stuck inside my helmet to absorb sweat is [Read More...]

Concho National Enduro

March 25, 2014 // 15,702 Comments

Concho National Enduro Blackwell, Texas Round II FMF Factory KTM Rider Charlie Mullins made it two wins in a row at the Concho National Enduro in Blackwell, Texas, Round 2 of the National Enduro Series. Mullins got off to another fast start by winning the first three tests before crashing and surrendering test four to Andrew Delong. Mullins started the day by putting 29 seconds between himself and second place finisher, Grant Baylor. By the end of test two, Mullins added another eight seconds [Read More...]
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