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About Trail Rider Magazine

Trail Rider Magazine is an nationwide, off-road riding magazine, no MX (but we do love to moto!).   We may be New England based but we are not New England biased.  We test bikes and products in a way that’s relevant to anyone that rides in the woods.  Trail Rider has always had the best coverage of the NETRA and ECEA racing, and when we’re sufficiently happy that we’ve converted this clapped out, twin shock, bird cage mat into a modern day read, we’ll push westward.  Clapped out as we are, it hasn’t stopped us from covering the National Enduro and GNCC’s from a riders’ perspective with an emphasis on the terrain, experience, and set-up tips for each venue.  We are also not afraid to hang out with the pros in an effort to get in their heads and share what we’ve learned.

Trail Rider Magazine’s Editor is Kurt Flachbart of Naples, Maine. (friends call him “Flash”) Kurt is a life long woods riding enthusiast and grew up in Danvers Massachusetts, only a few miles from Trail Rider founder, Bob Hicks. Kurt started subscribing to Trail Rider back in 1975, joined NETRA in ’75, and running the magazine has really become a dream come true. Restoring and selling vintage dirt bikes has put food on the table for the past 4 years. Kurt’s other field of expertise is in the high performance marine industry as a technical consultant/applications engineer.

Our theme under new ownership at Trail Rider will be a “Past to Present” feel. We have huge love for riding modern bikes and really enjoy the throwbacks of the vintage rides on occasion. Technical articles featuring products that work well in the woods can be expected. Group rides and the crazy stories of buddies just out Trail Riding are encouraged.

We can be seen attending NETRA Enduro’s, Turkey Runs and occasional Hare Scrambles events. We also are happy to report the NETA Trails events will also been seen in Trail Rider.

We are patient with bikes, too.   Just because we have issues with a bike initially doesn’t mean we are going to call Waste Management and order a 10-yard dumpster.   We will go through great pains to tell you how to make the bike work.   We will tell you what gearing works, what  jetting, ignition mapping or power valve set-up to use, and how to set the suspension up without spending a fortune on after-market parts.  We’ll also ride it in a variety of terrain to get a feel for how it works in just about every setting, be it rocks, roots, mud, sand, tight trees or the MX track – oh right, we’re keeping that on the DL.   We are especially knowledgeable about KTMs, GasGas, Betas, Shercos, Husabergs, and Huskys, but are also experienced in converting MX bikes into sensible woods racers.

Please feel free to reach out with suggestions and concerns and looking forward to getting to know our readers!