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Zowa Goggles

By Kevin Novello
Did you happen to notice the funky-looking goggles that we used with the Beta test? Those are the new Visor Goggles by Zowa and they are an interesting idea. The top fits over the helmet just below the visor while the base of goggles rest in the traditional location below your eyes and along the bridge of your nose.
When you get past the novel appearance of them, you will find that they work well and have a few benefits over traditional goggles. The obvious benefits are increased field of vision and that they will fit over glasses. However, what we liked best is the larger volume of space between your face and the lens that these goggles provide. Because the goggles rest further from your face, they trap less heat and allow it to escape via the larger ventilation ports at the top of the goggle. And because they hold less heat, they are less prone to fog up.
The lens is anti-fog and made of Lexan. Tear-offs and different colors are available as well. Over all I found the fit to be comfortable and that the pressure over the bridge of the nose is minimal – this matters if you have encountered goggles that fit too tightly across the bridge of your nose and restrict air flow. Overall the Zowas are an innovative idea and worthy of two thumbs up. You can order them for $58.00 at