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Goldentyre Tires & Mousse, by K. Novello, former editor, Trail Rider

By Kevin Novello
While in Romania I had an opportunity to try the Goldentyre GT216 90/90-21 front tire, GT216X 140-80/18 rear tire, and Goldentyre 120x bib mousse. The terrain we tested them in varied from dry, rocky cart roads, slick greasy trails, rock and root laced single track, and of course several steep hills that varied from loose gravel to rocks and roots. It was a great environment for testing these tires.
The GT216X 140-80/18 rear tire has a softer compound designed to handle extreme enduro conditions. It worked well in technical terrain but struggled in the slick soils. I then tried the GT216HB 140-80/18 model, which is the enduro model and features a firmer compound. I liked this compound better as it handled a wider variety of terrain effectively. The front tire is comparable to the Bridgestone M59, which is high praise.
However, the real winner here was the Goldentyre Mousse X. The 1Mousse X is a special mousse for extreme enduro and is softer than anything I’ve tried. The mousses I’ve tried have left me frustrated and re-installing my tubes. Mousses are notorious for deflecting off of rocks and drastically altering the characteristics of your perfectly tuned suspension. That wasn’t the case with the Goldentyre Mouse X. The rear tire felt like it had between 8-10 PSI while front felt like it had around 11 PSI. They are very, very impressive and I will pick up set when they become available here in the U.S. As of the writing of this, there are several Goldentyre dealers in the U.S. but inventory is low to nonexistent. Keep an eye out for these: they are worth it, particularly the mousses.