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Flexx Bars

800flexxmoto-reboundMy first impression of the Flexx Bars was a variation of “why the heck did I wait so long?”  I admit that at first, I thought I wouldn’t like them.  I am fussy about my bend and was of the opinion that bars should not move.  Ever.  I was wrong.  Then again, any movement I feel is quite subtle and depends which on which combination of compression/rebound elastomers you use.

I first mounted these after I hurt my wrist at the Cheese Grater enduro.  I started out with the blue/yellow combination while my wrist was healing and gained am immediate appreciation for the Flexx Bar system.  As my wrist got better, I moved up to the red/red combination which seemed like a happy medium for bouncing through rock gardens at speed.  A month or so later we picked up our 2014 Beta 250 RR which vibrates a little more than my KTM XC-250.  I then took the Flexx bars off of the KTM and put them on the Beta and the difference was immediately noticeable.

There are also several different bends to choose from.  I went with the 10 degree Enduro Bend.  The length is 31 inches, which about what I generally cut my own bars down to.   The sweep was pretty good, too – a lot like the Renthall 886 that come stock on the KTM XC models that I like.  The current set up I have works great for me but we still have a lot of testing to do.  We are of f to Florida in a few weeks and these bars are going with me.  In fact, I will be taking the Flexx Bars every place I plan to seriously compete.   We are just getting started with our testing, so look for follow up reviews in the near future.