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EKS Goggles

EKSGogglesWe picked up another set of EKS brand goggles because we liked the first one so much.  We got them from Wurlitzer Racing products ( and also bought the Zip-Off system because I’m not a fan of the tear-offs.  If you already have a set of the goggles, the Zip-Off package is an affordable way to avoid using tear offs.  I got the Zip-Off system that comes mounted to a lens – i.e without the goggle frame. The package retails for 34.99 and includes two rolls of film and a stick-on rain visor. The zip off feature can be used 33 times on one roll of film.  The EKS Brand lenses are interchangeable, so the Zip-Off system fits into any goggle, minus the youth model. There are two different Zip-Off lenses (rain and roost); the roost lens is smooth while the rains lens is grooved.  I opted for the roost lens.   Despite being smooth, I had no issues with the roll off film sticking to the lens.

What I like about the EKS brand is that the goggle frames do not apply pressure to my nose like some other brands can – I guess it depends on the shape of your nose but the EKS fit me the best.  With some goggles the foam can act as a conduit for sweat to drip into the top of the lens.  Not so with the EKS brand as the foam is multi-layered and does an excellent job of absorbing perspiration.