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EVS Revolution Roost Deflector

EVS Revolution Roost Deflector - Front

EVS Revolution Roost Deflector – Front

When I first pulled the new EVS Revolution 5 Under Jersey Roost Deflector from the box,  I gave a little sigh of disappointment.  What wasn’t obvious when perusing the pictures on the web site is that there are no arm straps for keeping the shoulder/arm pads in place, and when I pull my shirt over it, the shoulder/arm pads get pulled behind my jersey.  Fishing them out from the back of the jersey is a pain, but once the shirt is on, the shoulder pads stay neatly in place – until you whack your shoulder against a tree; then they move and stay in their new position until you fish from the back of your jersey.  Would arm straps help in keeping them in place?  No doubt.

I went with the new EVS Revolutions 5 Under Jersey Roost Deflector because it looked to offer up decent protection from roost and impact.  I was also looking for an under-the-shirt style of protection.  I like that the chest protection is not compromised by a zipper extending through the front of it.  I also like that protective shell covers most of the stomach.  You tall or rotund guys won’t’ be so lucky.  Similarly, the plastic shell covers the majority of the spine but doesn’t extend so far beyond the base of the spine that  it looks like a tail and won’t stay tucked into a shirt.  I do wish it was a bit wider in the back, and offer more rib protection.

EVS Revolution Roost Deflector - Back

EVS Revolution Roost Deflector – Back

I ordered a large size thinking it would be a little loose.  I was wrong.  These run small and fit snugly to the body.  The ventilation is pretty good but it does retain body heat, courtesy of the snug fit.  At $75 dollars the price is in line with others systems of similar design.  We are going to add some arm straps to keep things in place, which will make this a keeper.