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Get this! NITROMOUSSE Nitrogen Energized Foam Tire Insert

We all hate flat tires, AND we have options! While many times, a mousse tire feels “dead” and makes the fork feel harsh. This NITROMOUSSE Tire Insert is definitely different.   Read the October, 2019 issue for the full and extensive review. But here’s the bottom line.  When tried, here at Trail Rider HQ, gone was the familiar “basketball” effect experienced with tires bouncing off rocks.  It felt livelier than my previous experiences with mousse inserts. We climbed some steep sheer rock ledges with ease.  The front end stayed planted with zero deflection.  It had a very progressive feel, unlike a tube that can feel harsh at higher pressures.  It feels supple but doesn’t collapse or bang the rim.  Overall we were pretty darn thrilled with these tire inserts.  Look into them, for sure!       ,