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Kenda’s K781 Triple-Sticky Front & Rear Tires

Kenda K781 Triple Sticky Front TireTest and developed in Arenacross racing, the Kenda 781 Triple is the motocross tire you need for those hard terrain applications. Available exclusively in sticky race compound.

Front K781 Triple-Sticky (Top Left) Rear K781 Triple-Sticky (Bottom Left)  

Kenda K781 Triple Sticky Rear TireMade from a sticky rubber compound for high traction
Tread pattern designed for hard packed slippery surface
Low profile sidewall provides improved stability and traction
Dimpled knobs allow for quick tire warm-up and extra traction
Designed specifically for hard terrain and blue groove surfaces
This dirt bike tire is tube-type
These dirt bike tires are M rated for speeds up to 81 mph
Not rated for street/highway use
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