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Flo Motorsports Radiator Guards


Flo Motorsports High Flow Radiator Guard/Brace

At Trail Rider, we’re always on the hunt for innovative, new, hard enduro product to review.  Over the past few months Flo Motorsports, High Flow radiator brace/guards had caught our attention not for just the fact they are very pretty to look at but something entirely new as far as radiator protection goes so we decided to order up a set for our ‘13 KTM 300XC-W for review.

What makes the Flo guards stand out among the other offerings on the market is the fact that they are a billet component, milled from a solid 1” block of 6061 aluminum, protecting the radiators from side and front impacts and offer protection from core punctures while allowing significant air flow to the radiators.

Installation of the Flo radiator brace/guard is very simple and can be done in about 20 minutes.  All that is required is to pull the seat and radiator shrouds, we found it a bit easier just to pull the tank with shrouds attached.  The stock factory plastic radiator protectors pop out of their retaining mounts, remove both then remove the short, #30 Torx bolts attaching the radiators to the frame.  The Flow guards mount to the radiators/frame mounts with longer 10mm head bolts (supplied) and the short bolts removed previously are used to fasten the outer Flo guard to the radiator.  Blue Loctite is recommended to keep hardware in place.  Re-install the tank/seat and you’re good to go!



We’ve now been running the Flo Radiator guards for about a month with one particularly hard get-off and pleased to report not only do the Flo guards look great but they did their job with zero damage to the radiators.  Retail pricing on the Flo guards is $287.95, some could say that’s a bit pricey but with the cost of a pair of new KTM radiators at $347.18, the Flo guards should pay for themselves in a season of hard running while reducing DNF’s!

Flo Motorsports High Flow Radiator Brace

-The only OEM style radiator brace on the market designed to protect the radiator from side and front impact and core puncture.

-OEM wind tunnel design to allow significant air flow to the radiator.

-Significantly enhances efficiency, strength and air flow by up to 25% over any other alloy radiator brace on the market.

-Constructed from a solid 1 inch block of 6061 Alloy making it up to 50% more durable then a standard alloy radiator brace.

-Installation brackets, screws with Loctite and allen key is included in the kit.