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Mojo Motosport Bling


Mojo Motosport

CNC machined disk guard and assorted billet components for KTM


In searching for cool and innovative items earlier this spring to put some new flair and color into our now three-season old KTM 300 XC-W, we decided to reach out to Mojo Motosports, manufacturer of lifetime warranty, exact fit CNC billet components for 2002-2016 KTM’s and see what they had to offer.


You could call it “Bike Bling;” others may call them baubles, farkles etc. Whatever you may call these cool CNC billet anodized accessories, it’s great to find a new manufacturer with such attention to detail and perfect fit.


What had initially gotten our attention was Mojo’s precision-machined billet disk guard. Although we had been running a disk guard for a few years now, it had seen its fair share of rocks and was starting to look pretty ragged. The Mojo guard is a work of art with a replaceable fin, fitted with stainless hardware and can be replaced in minutes if damaged.  The solid billet caliper holder has zero flex, improving rear brake feel over stock.  This disk guard is nothing short of orange anodized, Man-Jewelry. -If I were a rapper, I’d wear it on a chain around my neck. Yup, that cool.


For those who enjoy tinkering with their rides, installation of said “Bling” is a very Zen-like experience, best done on a quiet rainy day when one can work undisturbed and get down with your motorcycle.  Some might call these frivolous trinkets but they are really much more than that when you take a good look at the construction and detail into these components.


Our first order of business before installing was a thorough deep cleaning of the bike.  We’ve found the cleaning agent Totally Awesome sold at the Dollar Store to be a really great cleaner for dirt bike use.  It’s not too harsh but literally melts dirt away and really does a nice job of bringing a dungy bike back to factory-fresh relatively easy. Best of all, it’s only a buck a bottle.  Hit the heavy cake off with a hose, spray the entire bike down, everything, lay it on its side and give‘er a good scrubbin’.



During the installation process, it’s a great time to delve a bit further into the maintenance program.  While mounting the disk guard, with the rear wheel off, we opted to pop out the wheel bearing spacers, inspect the rear wheel bearings and grease the seals with a good quality waterproof grease.  Removing the caliper from the old mount was very simple; pop out the circlips for the retaining pin, pull the pin and remove the pads. Also a great time to inspect and clean the brake caliper. A bit of heat from an electric 110v heat gun works wonders for loosening up the Loctite used on the caliper sliding pin.



Mojo’s KTM 15 piece Bling Kit includes front brake reservoir cover, rear axle blocks, steering stem nut, rear brake reservoir cover, oil fill plug, rim lock caps with tapered washers, valve stem caps, special axle removing tool and captive, all stainless hardware for chain adjusters. We found a little heat from the heat gun really eases removing the axle from the stock adjusting block. Installation of all components was a breeze as fit was nothing short of spot-on. As each component was installed, we delved a little deeper into maintenance such as brake/clutch fluid changes and cleaning/greasing of the components as needed.



Mojo 52mm billet bar risers

These are 20mm taller than stock; although we were already running a sub-mount for the steering stabilizer, the added height really works well for an older rider who’s used to running tall bars. We found these risers to make extended, on the pegs riding, much easier on the back. I’ll be honest, I thought with the already added height of the sub-mount and additional height of the Mojo risers it might be a bit “Ape Hanger” like but after a quick ride, they really felt great.  Installation, as with the other components, was simple and supplied hardware was top quality.



Mojo folding brake/clutch lever set

Mojo’s folding levers are precision-machined from a solid chunk of 6061 T6 aluminum and should be the last set of levers you’ll need to buy with their lifetime warranty. Lever distance to bar is adjustable to your preference with quality stainless hardware. Fitment into the stock KTM lever perches was perfect.  Lever feel is not much different from stock but now we’ve got peace of mind in case of a nasty get-off.


Mojo KTM foot pegs


These pegs are machined from a solid chunk of 7075 T6 aluminum and fitted with replaceable stainless steel teeth. (extra teeth included)  These things are foot boards, approximately 10mm wider than stock with more boot to peg contact points to reduce foot fatigue and increase grip to the pegs without tearing up boot soles. Springs are stainless steel. We found installation to be relatively easy, using a tapered punch from the bottom mount to help center the peg for pin installation.


We wrapped up our “Bling Fest” with a pair of Mojo anodized orange stainless fork bleeders and adjustment knobs, front brake and clutch clamps, fuel cap breather and rear brake step plate. Installation of all components went incredibly smooth as it’s clear, these are high quality, precision-machined components. Installation also provided an opportunity to do some much-needed maintenance on other parts of the bike that typically go unlooked.


In the end, the three-year-old 300 is looking like a brand new penny while adding functionality and increased comfort. Money well spent? Oh yeah!