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Riding Tips

December 11, 2018 // 0 Comments

                                                                                    [Read More...]

Riding Tips: How to Ride the Rocks!

September 11, 2014 // 59,214 Comments

I have always been of the opinion that dirt bike riding is more art than science. That being said, proper technique for riding the rocks can be broken down in to a three part equation.   The proper approach for dealing with rock gardens is often counterintuitive: keep your speed up and attack.  But before you grab a gear and attack, you need to have your bike properly set up.   Take your suspension for example: run it too stiff and you will deflect all over and place and increase your [Read More...]

Riding Tips: Mud

September 11, 2014 // 54,673 Comments

It’s mud season! For better or worse, it’s here and you have to deal with it.  The alternative is picking out paint swatches with the wife or some other form of early spring-cleaning drudgery.   Depending on conditions, mud can great fun or it can be a complete shitshow.  The truth about mud is that keeps most riders up at night.  Why is that?  Part of it is that so many of us crash our brains out in it.  How many shrouds, radiators and pipes have you damaged in a mud ride or [Read More...]

Riding Tips: Dealing With Heat

July 1, 2014 // 63,339 Comments

I am 4 miles into the third section of the Rhody Rovers Enduro and getting my can kicked by my long time nemeses: heat and humidity. This section isn’t particularly difficult or slow going, but it is long and the humidity is so thick that it feels like I am wrapped in a hot, wet blanket. Even as the air moves through my vented clothing, the humidity is so high that I hardly feel a cooling effect. The heavy-flow maxi pad I have strategically stuck inside my helmet to absorb sweat is [Read More...]