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Long Term Relationship: 2014 KTM XC-W 250

September 11, 2014 // 56,804 Comments

It’s been about six months since our first review of the KTM XC-W 250, and in that time, my opinion of the XC-W has changed quite a bit.  It’s a classic case of the-more-I ride it, the more I like it.   I like it so much now that my KTM XC 250 hasn’t been started since November of 2013, and m  ost of you know that I am a unabashed XC 250 fan-boy.  Why all the love for the XC-W?  A bunch of reasons.  For starters I am riding the bike completely stock (save for the 51 [Read More...]

Riding Tips: Mud

September 11, 2014 // 54,673 Comments

It’s mud season! For better or worse, it’s here and you have to deal with it.  The alternative is picking out paint swatches with the wife or some other form of early spring-cleaning drudgery.   Depending on conditions, mud can great fun or it can be a complete shitshow.  The truth about mud is that keeps most riders up at night.  Why is that?  Part of it is that so many of us crash our brains out in it.  How many shrouds, radiators and pipes have you damaged in a mud ride or [Read More...]

2014 KTM XC & XC-W

September 10, 2014 // 141 Comments

It’s always exciting when the KTM XC and XC-W 250’s are fielded at the same time for an evaluation.  The general perception of these two bikes is that they are fairly similar, save for a few key differences.  And at first glance, that would appear to be the case.  Off the showroom floor however, these two bikes really are quite distinct.  Given that we’ve already covered the XC-W earlier in the year, and that the changes to the XC aren’t too comprehensive, we thought [Read More...]

Getting Your Bike Ready for Spring

September 10, 2014 // 28,526 Comments

Just a few of the things you should check before you start flogging your bike again this spring Maybe your bike hasn’t sat idle all winter. Maybe you’ve been riding every weekend. If so, good for you.  Some of you guys, we know, put your bikes away and spend the winter in front of the boob tube, and that’s fine too.  Us, we stud up, flog it through the snow and ice and park in front of a warm hearth at sundown.  Cold spikes on wet ice isn’t for everyone, but sooner [Read More...]

2014 KTM XCF-W 250

September 10, 2014 // 215 Comments

We recently added a new section to the Trail Rider test loop.  The highlight is a steep, rocky climb preceded by a hard left turn that leaves no running room.  Ten feet into the ascent there is a collection of medium sized, awkwardly angled rocks that will derail the front end if it hit straight on, so it’s best to get the front end up and over the rocks and hit the initial climb on the back wheel.  After that, there’s about 15 yards of loose soil and rocks covering a flat bedrock [Read More...]
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